Story of Helmi

Welcome to Helmi, a unique office property in the middle of the fast-developing Tapiola district! 

Completed in 1978, the main building of Helmi, Auratalo, is a masterpiece designed by Ilkka Pajamies, looking good, being usable and standing the test of time. At the time of its completion, the 25,000 sq.m. building was the biggest in Tapiola, rising seven and a half storeys to the sky. The exterior of the building fulfils the architect’s vision of a unique appearance and progressive look for its time. 

Auratalo was built next to the three-storey gabled MTK Academy from 1953. When the MTK Academy was built, the area was almost wilderness, so Auratalo significantly changed the landscape of southern Tapiola. With the new high-rise building, the academy no longer saw the morning sun, but in the words of Kyösti Kaskirinne, the principal of the MTK Academy at the time, Auratalo “sheltered it from the wind.” This beautiful comment is also a play on words, as the building is located in Tuulimäki, “wind hill”.

The impressive building has been modernised along the years to match the needs of modern work. The building saw its first major renovation in 2012. The renovation designed by SARC Architects brought more spaciousness and light to the premises and increased their comfort in use, while respecting the old architecture. The renovation and modernisation of the premises has continued thereafter piece by piece.