Sustainable well-being

Well-being and sustainable choices are visible at Helmi every day of the year. Our sustainability extends up to ecological energy solutions, and it becomes concrete every day through our high recycling rate as well as climate-friendly lunch options. Good connections by public transport and services for cyclists encourage ecological commuting, while the recreational facilities provide a magnificent setting for daily exercise. 

In the middle of nature

Our location in Tapiola, Espoo, brings nature close to you. You can see a lush view from the window of your office and take a stroll on the seaside in no time. These are the small great pleasures of day-to-day life that will bring happiness to every day.

Moments for well-being

A refreshing dip in the pool or a gentle yoga moment in the middle of your working day – you can do it at Helmi. Our recreational facilities can be freely used by our tenants, providing the setting for an active day-to-day life. Enjoy the warmth of the sauna, the refreshing effect of water and the various sports opportunities, even daily if you wish.

Environmental action throughout the year

The Helmi property takes environmental action every day. Part of the energy we use is produced by the solar panels on our roof. We are committed to all the energy consumed in the building being fully carbon neutral by 2027. The high roof of Helmi is also home to our very own urban bees that work as truly important pollinators and make our environment flourish. 


Our location in the fast-developing Tapiola district facilitates ecological commuting by bike, metro or bus. A city bike station is located right next to us, and cyclists have been taken into consideration with showers and bicycle parking. The closest metro station and bus stop are located at the Ainoa shopping centre, some 400 metres away.